Farpro Group
innovation and sustainability

at the service of your ideas.

The Farpro Group

The aim of Farpro Group is to continue to play a key role in the industry, with the same passion and tenacity that our company has shown over all these years, with an increasingly people-centred approach to the research process because all products start from ideas.

Since 1972 the three core values underlying out manufacturing have always been quality, sustainability, and innovation.


Farpro uses fresh and conditioned raw materials that guarantee finished products with  high organoleptic quality and high nutritional value.  All Farpro facilities are run according to a ISO 22.000-compliant food safety management system.


Farpro is constantly sourcing as yet undervalued foodgrade by-products  in order  to create value-added products. The Farpro production facilities are AIA-approved and run according to an ISO 14.001-compliant environmental management system. Farpro has always chosen top-end technology to reduce environmental impact and minimise water and energy use.


Innovation is the beating heart of Farpro Group. Starting from a single product, blood meal, Farpro has successfully built a world of over one hundred articles for various uses, expanding from the national to international markets, and exporting its products to over 50 countries.

At Farpro, our experience of innovation takes two forms:
– Active, through the creation of our own new products or application possibilities;
– Passive, through the processing of bespoke products to customer specifications.